How Bank of Columbia achieved better compliance with BeyondTrust

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Although the growth of a company is always a reason for joy, the reality is that this triumph brings with it new challenges to overcome, especially in the most delicate areas such as the cybersecurity of the company's assets and the protection of the customers' data.

These challenges are accentuated if the company carries out its operations within the banking or electronic payment industry, not only because the information they hold on behalf of their clients is extremely valuable, but also because they are constantly faced with rigorous laws, regulations and audits.

At GB Advisors we know how important it is for you to ensure the protection of your assets, your clients' data, and to comply with the laws to the letter; that is why today we want to show you how the Bank of Columbia, together with BeyondTrust, managed to overcome the arduous challenges that their expansion brought with it.

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