Statistics: A cyber-risks overview in 2020

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Dear IT specialist or leader, the world of cybersecurity is changing faster than we thought, and it’s imperative that new Digital Security measures are taken to protect medium and large companies.

Recurrent threats from the web are on the rise, taking advantage of every vulnerable space that arises from the increased use of digital channels as part of the constant transformation of work processes.

This time, we want to bring you closer to the reality of the industry through a detailed survey in which more than 800 security leaders and business executives took part. They shared their point of view on what’s the current state of cyber security worldwide.

In addition, the data you’ll see here will allow you to draw your own conclusions as to what should be kept or changed from the actions already taken to fight the latent risks of the Internet.

Download this free guide and join us in the imminent evolution that cyber security is undergoing. Use your knowledge to help us build a safer digital ecosystem for everyone.

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